lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

Promote your venue in the Who's Who Book

If you are the owner of a club, nudist beach, disco, role play SIM or any other adult oriented place, you can promote it in the Who's Who in SL book for FREE.

What do i have to do?
2. Send to PaperBot Resident a picture with full permissions (512 x 512 pixels) with the ad that you want to show in the book.
3. Place one of the Who's Who kiosks at your place (3 prims).

Deadline to apply: January 06th.

If you have any doubt please contact inworld to Alexus Minotaur.

Don't miss the opportunity to promote your venue in the first complete guide of SL Porn!!!

1. This is a win-win deal. We don't charge you for the ad, but we need your help to distribute the book. All we ask to you is place the low prim kiosk at the same venue that you are promoting in the book.

2. No illegal places: no age play, no gambling or any venue which goes against the Terms of Service of Second Life

3. Your venue must be adult or mature related and offer some kind of interest to pornstars to hangout there. E.g: clubs, discos, RP SIMs, public houses, nudist beaches or resorts, etc.

4. Malls, stores or any other place which focus JUST in commercial activities or have it as main activity the sell of goods or services, is not allowed to apply.

5. It's required that you must place a Who's Who kiosk in the same place or venue that you are promoting in the book. E.G: If you want to promote your disco in the book, we need that you put a Who's Who kiosk in the same disco. This is to ensure a win-win deal.

6. The minimum time to keep the kiosk at your place is 1 month. You can cancel the deal when you want. You just need to remove the kiosk from your place or venue to proceed to cancel the agreement with Minotaur Productions.

7. If you cancel the agreement with Minotaur Productions, you are accepting that your ad will be retired from the book. This change and the respective book update will be applied to the whole network where the book is being distributed.

8. Minotaur Productions will build the kiosks with the Hippo Vendor system. You accept that you don't have problems placing the kiosk at your place. You can place the kiosk by yourself asking a copy to Alexus Minotaur or giving him permisions to place the kiosk in your land.

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