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Project: Who's Who in SL Porn

Hello everybody, my name is Alexus Minotaur. I'm the owner of Minotaur Productions. If my name is familiar to you, then you know about my work in movies and photo shoots.

Today i want to introduce you a new project for the porn community in SL: Who'S Who in SL Porn.

What is this?
It's a complete directory of the porn industry in SL. It will include almost all the names and information of directors, pornstars and new talents who will be active during the whole 2011.

It's a good way to share contacts in the porn industry. Usually people have to apply to every agency or company, sending notecards or IMs, in most of cases they don't get answers so it's a waste of time. In the case of directors, they can use this book as a source of information to know who to contact for their next movie. The best of all, you will find detailed information about every contact, so it will be easier for you to match with a director or pornstar who fulfill your preferences

Who will appear in the book?
1. Directors
2. Actors/ Actresses
3. New Talents

How can people apply?
There are no fees or costs, you just need to send 3 pics (face, full body and sex) in the required format (512x512) and some information that will be required to identify you.

What kind of information will you find in this book?
Pics of pornstars, contact information, likes, dislikes, availability of time, sexual orientation, preferences, urls, previous work in movies or photoshoots, etc.

What other information will you find in the book?
1. The winners of The Sexiest Film Awards
2.  Recommended venues for pornstars
3. Guide for new people, tips to improve your appareance, how to boost your career
4. Where to get new stuff (clothes, accesories, makeup, skins, genitals)

How can i get the book?
We will publish in this blog a relation of venues where you can get the book inworld. Also, we will have a web version.

When will be published the book?
January 10th, 2011

What is the deadline to register my information in the book?
January 08th, 2011

Please visit this blog to get all the details about this project. We will be updating information in the next days. If you have any question please leave a comment or contact inworld to Alexus Minotaur.

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