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About pics and PaperBot Resident

Hello there! I want to introduce you PaperBot Resident, he is the smart and loyal worker of Minotaur Productions who will be receiving all your pics for the Who's Who project.

I dream of electric sheep

Remember, if you are pornstar or new talent, you have to send him 3 pics:

1. Face: a close up of your face.

2. Full Body Naked: it doesn't need to be one where you are standing, use the pose you want. But at least it must appear most of your body.

3. Sex: so you are a pornstar? then show us how you give some of pleasure to a lucky guy/girl. Remember, the pic must be focused in you, not your partner. So we need to see your face and most of your body if it's possible.

If you need some samples about how take your pics, check here

If you are a director, you just need to send 1 pic of your face.

The pics must have 512 x 512 pixels.

Finally, the most important: the pics must have FULL PERMISIONS. We can't include your pics in the book if they don't have full permisions.

Some quick and smart questions

1. I don't have sex pics, what can i do?
If you are new talent (zero experience or less than 3 movies) you can send another full naked body pic instead of the sex pic. However we encourage to find a hot partner and have some of fun taking the pic. You can ask help in ***The Pornstars*** group (look for that name inworld). I bet that if you are hot, a lot of people will be happy to help you. If you are pornstar, you don't have excuse to don't have a sex pic in your inventory :-P

2. I suck taking pics, what can i do?
You can ask help for a friend or even if you wish, you can ask the services of a profesional photographer. Don't be afraid to do it. Remember that this book will be distributed the whole 2011, so we want to see your best pics here.

3. I'm director but i'm open to participate in other director's projects like actor/actress. What can i do?
If you wish, you can apply for director and pornstar. Just remember to fill both forms and send the pics that we ask for both categories.

4. What is the deadline to send the pics?
The deadlin to fill the form and send the pics is January 08th, 2011. But please don't wait until then. Take your time one day and prepare all the material you want to send us. If you apply now, you will have a better place in the book.

5. I want to send my pics to Alexus Minotaur, he is so hot, why i can't do it?
Thanks for the compliment lol, but my inventory is a mess. It would be hard to deal with all the pics that people send me everyday. That's why i created PaperBot Resident, he will focus just in Minotaur Productions projects, so he have a lot of space in his inventory to receive your hot pics.

6. What is PaperBot Resident and how do i send him pics?
PaperBot is my loyal assistant. He was created to help me with the work in Minotaur Productions. You can send him the pics inworld (he is an avatar). Just make sure that the pics have full permisions.

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