Recommended Photographers

I know that all you want to send the best pics for the Who's Who in SL Porn Guide. So maybe if you think your taking pics skill is not good enough yet, then why you don't get the services of a profesional photographer? Leave all in pro hands and relax.

This is a list of people who sent me his references, so you can compare between them, and choose what is best for your needs and budget:

SL Name: Midnight Shinja
Rates: no rates for studio projects...customs, profile pics, and personal use is 100 per finished pic (proofs free)
Contact: IM  or contact TierNlae Tatar. if not online notecard so we can schedule properly.

SL Name: UnquenchableThirst Resident (KannibalThirst)
Rates: 100/image, 250/3 images
Contact: IM or notecard.

SL Name: Jazzmyn310 Resident
Rates: L$ 750 for the set Who's Who
Contact: IM or Notecard

1 comentario:

  1. plz disregard contacting tiernlae tatar inworld for my services.. contact myself directly inworld or email to
    tiernlae has been stealing content from me and i am securing my work.
    thank you..
    Midnight Shinja