domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

More than 1,000 copies distributed

Hello everybody, i have some news for you.

First of all i want to announce that actually 1,068 persons got a copy of Who's Who in SL Porn, nice numbers!!! Not bad considerating that i invested nothing in advertising.

The second notice is that in the next days i'll announce a call to apply for the next update of the book. So if you couldnt reach the first time, this is your chance. I want to include more people, because this book is open to promote everybody who works in adult industry in SL.

Actually i have 13 distribution kiosks in different sims, so if you want to get a copy of the Who's Who, check this list.

Have a good night!

sábado, 22 de enero de 2011


Thanks to everyone for the kind words, today i received a lot of nice IMs. I'm glad that you are enjoying the book.

I just wanted to make a few announcements.

1. I'm sorry for the people who couldn't reach to be in the book, but in the 7-8 cases that i saw, they couldn't appear because one of these reasons:
a) They never filled the form
b) They never sent the pics
c) They sent the pics with the wrong permisions or size (the system doesnt let me add pics who doesnt fill the requirements).

2. I know that the book doesn't have all the stars that we would like. I have some friends that i wanted them in the book but they never applied because they were out of SL in that time. In any case, i tried to promote this project as soon as possible and giving reasonable times to apply. But i can't push anyone to participate, this is a free project so it's up to everybody to apply or not.

3. UPDATES: Yes, i'm planning to make some updates to the book, that's why i'm delivering with an update object.

The idea is give the opportunity to more people to appear in the book, and add more useful info, like articles for example or more venues, stuff, etc. I still don't have a date for the next update, but i guess that it will be in 1 month. First i want to take a rest, and then continue with new energies.

Thanks to everyone.

viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Finally! the book is ready!!!

PaperBot and Alexus in the release of the book

I'm sorry for the delay, but i was working so hard trying to include the biggest number of people in the book. So i was contacting all the people who applied but for some reason didn't fill the requirements (sent the pics without permisions or in the wrong size).

Well i hope it worths for you the waiting. The book finally is ready and you can get it for FREE!!!

Where can you get it?
Check these places:

Fairchang Vizcaya
Hard Alley
Syn City
Galeway Bay
Maui Central
Serena Wakaya

If you want to distribute the book at your place, contact me inworld (Alexus Minotaur).

Take your time to check, it's a big book (more than 360 pages).

I hope you like it.

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Final date to release the Book

Hello, i want to communicate some news about the project.

I was working this week and the book is complete at 85%. I'm contacting my distributors and according to the current situation, i will release the book this friday. I need at least one day more to finish the last 15% and another day to make some tests with the book and the distribution system.

So come back to this blog on friday at night and you will know where to get the book.


lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Important notice

Hello everyone, i wanted to announce that i wasn't expecting the rush of applications that i received the last day before the deadline. I tried to finish the book this weekend and release it on monday. But it would be impossible. That's why i have to delay the release of the Who's Who Book at least 2 days more. So i'm re-scheduling it for this wednesday 12th.

Thanks for understand, and of course thanks for the more than 100 applications to the book :-)

It surpassed my expectations.

viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Tomorrow is the deadline!

We are very close to the release of the Who's Who in SL Porn Book, and guess what? tomorrow is your last chance to apply!!!

Yes, if you are pornstar, director or new talent and want to appear in the book, then you only have until tomorrow at night to apply. Don't forget to fill the form and send your pics with full permisions to PaperBot Resident.

If you are pornstar or new in the business, check here:
Pornstars and New Talents

If you are director, check here:

remember, the deadline is tomorrow at night!!!

martes, 4 de enero de 2011

4 days more to register your name in the Book!

Hello Everyone, i just wanted to announce that the official deadline to apply to the book as pornstars, new talent or director is January 08th. So you have 4 days more to fill the form, send the pics with the correct specifications or any change you need. Don't wait until the saturday night and apply now! :-)

If you are venue owner, you have until January 06th to apply and send your pics. After this date i will contact all the owners who already applied, to coordinate how to rezz the kiosks.