domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Apply to the book: Pornstars and New Talents

Hello again! I want to show you more details about how to apply to the book if you are a pornstar or a new talent.

How do i register if i am:

Pornstar (someone who at least participated in 3 movies)

1. Just fill this form
2. Send 3 pics (face, full naked body and sex) inworld to PaperBot Resident, with full permisions.

  • Face: A closeup of the face.
  • Full naked body: A pic that shows most of the naked body of the person
  • Sex: A pic that shows the person having sex. The picture must focus in the person, not the partner.
All the pics must have 512 x 512 pixels.

Put your name to every pic: alexus-minotaur-face, alexus-minotaur-body, alexus-minotaur-sex

Example of pics
Face Pic

Full Body Naked

Sex Pic

New talents (less than 3 movies or zero)
1. Fill the same form 
2. Send the same pics (face, body and sex). 

The unique difference is that they can send an extra naked pic IF they don't have a sex pic.


That's all. It's not so complicated. Just fill the form and send the 3 pics.

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