jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

How to Apply: about the images

If you are interested in participate in the Who's Who in SL Porn - 2012 edition, dont forget that besides fill the application (HERE if you are pornstar and HERE if you are director), you need to send your pics to paperbot.resident@gmail.com.

But what are the requirements of the images?

If you are pornstar you need to send 3 pics:

1. Face (click here for an example)
2. Full Body Naked (click here for an example)
3. Sex Action (click here for an example)

If you are a director, just send a Face Pic (Click here for an example)

All the images can be in JPG or PNG format, have 72 pixels of resolution (pixel per inch if you know about the topic) and the most important...

Your pics must have a size of 900 x 1200 of pixels

OMG!!! Why So Big???

Because the goal is create a good guide with an excellent quality...i bet you wouldn't like that your presentation looks crappy (this is like a portfolio where you are participating), that's why it's needed to work with big images.

If you need some help taking pics, you can check this basic tutorial of Torley Linden

If you need something more advanced, you can check this nice tutorial of Thema Felix:

That's it, have fun taking your pics and don't forget the deadline: February 19th

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  1. Very Informative!! Great job!! We hope everyone participates in it, and we wish you all the success in your work!! We look foward to your updates!! TY Alexus