domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Who's Who in SL 2012 edition is coming!

One year ago it was released a publication named Who's Who in SL Porn. It was created with the idea to promote the work of the porn community in SL, establishing a way to contact directors and pornstars. The guide was a success, more than 100 persons applied and appeared in the publication, more than 6,000 copies of the guide were downloaded since one of the vendors located in 25 different sims in Second Life.

Now, taking in consideration the suggestions of a lot of people, Minotaur Productions is calling to apply for the Who's Who in SL Porn - 2012 edition.

We will have a new cover for the 2012 edition

If you are a pornstar, director or photographer you can apply...and for free!


Are you a pornstar? If you are starting your porn career, this guide is for you. If you are a well reputed and famous pornstar, this guide is for you too.

You just need to FILL THIS APPLICATION (click here) and send 3 pics of you with the following details:

1. Face: A closeup of your face
2. Full Naked Body: Frontal nude pic of you, must show at least the genitals and chest/boobs.
3. Sex Action: A pic of you having sex, your face must be easy to recognize



Full Naked Body

Sex Action
The pics must have 900x1200 pixels and 72 pixels of resolution. It only will be accepted jpg and png formats. 

Where do i send these pics?
Send to with the subject: Pornstar Application (Yeah Paperbot is back)
Don't forget to include your SL name in your message.

Do you make movies? Are you looking for new talent? Do you want that the world know your work? Then this guide is for you.

FILL YOUR APPLICATION HERE (click on the link), and send us a pic of you with the following details:

- Face: A closeup of your face
- It must have 900 x 1200 pixels of size and 72 pixels of resolution.

Send the pic to with the subject: Director Application
Don't forget to include your SL name in your message.

This time we are accepting also photographers and we are including in the same category of directors (check the specifications in the application). If we have enough photographers applying, we will create a new category just for them.

To make this process as clear and transparent as it possible, this blog will have a public list of all the persons who had applied and their pics were approved.

Reasons to not be approved for the Who's Who in SL Porn Guide - 2012 Edition:

1. Provide fake or unclear information in the application (wrong name, take the credits of someone else)
2. Don't fulfill the requirements when the person send the pics (incomplete pics, different format, size, etc).
3. The person is not a pornstar or director (never worked in a porn project or can't prove it).


Deadline to fill the application: February 19th
Deadline to send the pics: February 19th

If something is not clear, please contact inworld to Alexus Minotaur.

It's time to apply, be part of the 2012 edition of the Who's Who in Sl Porn Guide!!!

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