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How can i take a pic with the required size?

That's a common question that i'm receiving in the last days.

There are people interested in participate in the Who's Who in SL Porn guide, but they are confused because they don't know how to take a pic big enough that fulfill the requirements.

Today i'll try to help you with this little tutorial, showing you how easy is get a good pic with a big size. I'll use the 1.23.5 version of the official SL viewer, but it's suppose that this work too with any version or viewer that you are using.

Step 1:
Choose a good background and pose, adjust the lights and all you want for your pic. Nice huh? but hey, SL takes horizontal pics, why? Because you are taking pics based in the dimensions of your monitor, which in almost all the cases is a rectangular frame. Ok don't worry for that, we will fix it.

Step 2:
Click on Snapshot button (check down in the screen). When you click, it appears a mini window with a preview version. Check the size field. By default is selected in "Current Window". So basically the viewer will take a pic adjusting the size according to the size of your window. In my case is 1440 x 843...but hey that's not enough for a 900x1200 pic isn't it?

Step 3:
Change the option from "Current Window" to "Custom". So with this option activated you can change the size of the pic as you wish.

Step 4:
Don't forget to keep checked the "Constrain Proportions" option. Why? because with this, you'll take your pic with correct dimensions. If not, your pic can appear disproportionate. Ok, once you do that, let's choose some numbers in the width and height fields. I suggest change first the height size, choose some like 1200 or higher.

Have you ever seen those old kung fu movies that looked with strange proportions? That's how your pic will look if you don't keep checked the "Constrain proportions"

 Step 5:
Ok, you took the pic and it has for example 2093 width and 1226 height, good number. Time to open with your favorite graphic editor. I'm using Photoshop, but if you don't have it, you can choose any other. If you don't have money to pay for one, you can use a freeware like GIMP. Choose the crop tool and adjust to the final size you want (900x1200)

 Step 6:
Apply it over the pic.

Step 7:
That's it, you have you final pic with the required size. Don't forget to save it as jpg or png before send it by email.

If it's still too hard for you, don't worry. You can get the services of a photographer who can take great pics of you. Don't forget to indicate him/her the sizes and details we are asking for (face shot, full naked body shot and sex shot).

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  1. Thank you for the very informative post!! We look foward to seeing your magizine!!