viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Finally! the book is ready!!!

PaperBot and Alexus in the release of the book

I'm sorry for the delay, but i was working so hard trying to include the biggest number of people in the book. So i was contacting all the people who applied but for some reason didn't fill the requirements (sent the pics without permisions or in the wrong size).

Well i hope it worths for you the waiting. The book finally is ready and you can get it for FREE!!!

Where can you get it?
Check these places:

Fairchang Vizcaya
Hard Alley
Syn City
Galeway Bay
Maui Central
Serena Wakaya

If you want to distribute the book at your place, contact me inworld (Alexus Minotaur).

Take your time to check, it's a big book (more than 360 pages).

I hope you like it.

2 comentarios:

  1. Alexus did a great job on this. It's really a very well made book. Congrats on getting it finished Alexus!

  2. Thanks for your words Hard, it was a hard work but i'm satisfied with the final result. I hope everyone enjoys it.